“We Like Zack & Cody, Mom”

Riding the Luggage Cart Like Zack & Cody

We left for Houston this morning–had a great ride, babies were calm. It’s amazing what DVDs in the truck will do. We got to the hotel and the twins realized that they were “living the suite life” just like Zack and Cody. They watch that show on Disney Channel all the time. Rhett points at the TV and says, “We like Zack Cody. That me. That Rhodes.” They’re loving it here.

The last time we took a road trip, Rhett threw his shoes out the window. We’ve been surviving on flip flops (which they hate) or no shoes at all–that wasn’t going to work today. So they picked out their own shoes and wanted the “bask-ball shoes.” They think they’re totally cool now!

Our First Basketball Shoes


Just shaking my head…

A lesson on being late in renewing your domain name–don’t be.  My domain name appears to have been bought by someone else before I could renew it–and some of the content of my posts used as a basis for new posts by the new owner.  Talk about being violated!

I can’t help but wonder if this is how these companies do business–wait for domains to expire, make them appear to be bought by someone else, then think you’ll be desperate enough to pay a subscription PLUS COMMISSION!! for an “agent” to buy it off of the new owner.

Not working on me.  I’ll be happy to stay with my wordpress url…

Christmas in Africa


We just got the Christmas cards back from all the CarePoint kids in Africa. It is overwhelming to look at the cards… the words are so simple, but you know there is so much more behind it. Each of the kids writes about what they want to be when they grow up…

But will they grow up?

Will they be able to live their dreams?

Thanks to so many selfless people, a lot of them now have hope to live and dream.

The Ram


Couldn’t have been a better day for the twins than the day we got to borrow Grandad’s Ram…

Home from Africa

Thanks to all of you who prayed for our team while we were in Africa. It means a lot to know that we have friends here who are behind us.

I’ve been home now almost 3 weeks and have wanted to write about the trip, but haven’t because there are some things I want to be able to save for the “My Life” video. So I’ll give a few highlights, then you’ll have to watch the Children’s Cup website and my blog for more details.

As a team, we had a blast. We laughed uncontrollably at so many things. And most of them probably wouldn’t even be funny to anyone else–except maybe the guy running full speed into the glass window in the Joberg airport and Ty going back into the airport to find a phone and coming back walking a dog the size of a horse. We left Mvinny (one of Vince’s 3 new African names) in Africa–I have no clue where he is or when he’s coming back. But Africa has that effect on you–it’s hard to leave…

It’s a beautiful continent with some of the most incredible scenery I’ve ever seen. But what makes it hard to leave is the people–especially the little kids. When you walk up to a CarePoint you are greeted as if you are a celebrity. The picture above was how I was greeted at Fonteyn. This little boy, who is deaf and cannot speak, stayed with me the entire afternoon. The kids run up and hug you, laughing, wanting you to come play with them. And it may be because they know that the Americans bring sweets and stickers. But I believe that it’s more than that. I believe they are drawn to the love of Christ that each of us brings with us. That love is what gives them hope that everything is going to be ok.

So soon we’ll tell you more about Jabu, Bobo and some others that we were able to spend time with. Just keep watching… If you want to get email updates, email me and let me know–we’ll let you know when we have new stuff out.

And be praying that this video will ultimately lead to even more “changed worlds.”


I’m leaving for Africa tomorrow for almost 2 weeks. A lot of good and bad feelings come with it. I’ve just spent the last 3 days at the HPC Women’s Conference being encouraged to “Live the Dream.” Helping the people in Africa is one of my dreams. But like Chris Caine said, giving birth to a dream, just like giving birth to a child, is painful. Leaving my family is the hardest thing in the world.

But I know that what I’m going to do in Africa is also part of God’s purpose for my life. Being able to spend time with the women at Nkobe and the children in Swaziland and South Africa is going to be an honor. I know that the video we shoot is important so that their stories can be told. I read someone’s blog once who has worked in Africa (I have no idea who this person was) who said that she did not want to be a voice for the Africans because they did not need a voice. I think that’s a pretty ridiculous statement. If it were not for telling the stories and making the needs of these people known, then how will they get help? I don’t think that we as Christians can sit back and do nothing. And if I do my little part by making this video and showing other people this reality, then I am motivating people to join this “army” to make a difference–it’s how a “servolution” is started.

So I’m going to Africa–with my heart breaking. And I know I’ll come home from Africa with my heart breaking in a different way. But it’s all for the purpose of knowing Him and making Him known.

Can’t wait to get back and post about everything… be praying for us!!

Yes, Carole…

I am going to post again…  so here it is.  In honor of you!

I’ve been trying daily to post something.  And on the advice of my expert blogging husband, didn’t want to do the typical blog post that says, “Sorry it’s been so long…” or “I haven’t posted in so long because…”  And if you read my first post, it’s not the easiest thing for me to just gush all of myself out for everyone in the world to see.  So all of that put together has made me keep pushing it off and pushing it off.

So enough about that.  Here’s the catch-up list of what’s been going on since August:

DisneyWorld vacation–we had a blast.  We just about sweated to death, waiting in incredibly long lines with whining twins and grandparents (not really–the twins didn’t whine at all!)  and walked and walked and stood and stood.  We got some great advice from Stacy Gardana before we left–you can bring food and drinks into the park.  Saved us from dehydration and bankruptcy.  Thanks, Stacy!  I think Lincoln has some pics on his blog if you want to see.

And I guess all the walking did something to my back–enough that I was down in bed for a few days and had to postpone my trip to Africa.  But I think it’s all in God’s timing because there are so many things that we’ll be able to do with the new schedule that we wouldn’t have been able to do orginally.  So all in all, it was a good trade.

I also got to see my niece, Sadie Mae, born.  That was really cool to be able to be a part of.  I was there to video tape (modestly, of course).  It was so much fun.  She’s an Edwards, so she’s one of the most beautiful babies in the world.

I’ve also been busy with Africa stuff.  We’ve been working on a “Backpacks for Africa” drive, Christmas Card project, video trip planning…  next to my family this is always consuming my thoughts and energy.  There’s info on all of this at the Cup website if you want to check any of it out.  Thanks so much, Lori and Carole, for all the work you’re doing for Africa.  Y’all are both amazing!

All for you, Carole…